The Uncommon Blizzard

'Fresh Snow Fall' photo (c) 2011, USFS Region 5 - license:

Yesterday the snow came.  Unrelenting and magical, I stood at the window marveling at the contradictions of this white onslaught.  Refusing to abandon an appointment with my spiritual advisor, I tackled the storm singlehandedly. Praying out loud and in real time, my little car swished to and fro on the icy roads. There I was…a collision of determination and stupidity. My three travel companions; fear, vulnerability, and awe, squirmed in the back seat tugging at my pony tail.  Not surprisingly, they all took a turn at me.

This morning, our little neighborhood awoke to a blanket of quiet.  A silencing of the world’s needless scurrying.  The blizzard has left it’s mark upon us much like a visitation from the Holy Spirit.

True confessions. 

I have a secret crush on the Holy Spirit.  He is bold and mysterious and comes only when He is good and ready.  Like a schoolgirl, I think of Him all the time and wonder if He notices me.  Taking many forms, I struggle to define His movements and whereabouts but He is His Own Person.  When He descends, He may flutter in on ivory wings or bellow from above as rampant fire.  Art begs to bring Him into focus but He is bigger than that.  Far beyond the human hand.

As the Faithful we know to pray often and with full heart.  We cry out to Jesus and His Holy Kingdom and we must.  Therein, lies our strength to remain active soldiers for the Good.  A year ago, my prayer life took on another dimension when I began to recite the Golden Sequence.  Sometimes in total and other times…just parts.  No matter. The effect has been palpable.

  Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in them the fire of your love.

        Send forth your Spirit, and they shall be created…and you shall renew the face of the earth.

Let that seep into your bones my friend.  Say it out loud and feel the power of God fill your being.  You might think this too rote or archaic a prayer but I promise that it will fortify your Remnant Heart.

As a Christian, you have been up close and personal with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  You know He never visits empty-handed.  Some of us have experienced His Descent while worshiping in community and others of us have had very private meetings.  It’s All Good.

Never falter little soldier with the big heart.  I love you so much…and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit loves you beyond comprehension.  Call out to the Holy Spirit often and with great anticipation.

He will come to you.


Don’t be shy Remnant Soldier.  Tell us about your experience with the Holy Spirit.  ♥

Your Comrade in Christ,


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  1. Beautifully written! The Holy Spirit shows up even when we don’t feel him. But when we do feel him, we can feel him healing us, washing us clean, and moving out out into battle with his protection. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Planting Potatoes says:

    amen! Thanks for visiting my blog….I like yours and look forward to future visits! God bless!

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