Kaleidoscope Eyes

It people dont see things...is true.  You are a die-hard Christian and there are times you feel as if you’ve been beamed down on some alien planet.  The problem is that it’s inhabitants are none to happy with your arrival.  Persona non grata that you are; you look for others of your kind.  They exist but are far and few.  You comfort yourself in the knowledge that Jesus has your back.

Or does He?

Oh Oh.

Has that thought ever entered your mind?   If you have been hammered lately by financial hardships, societal decay, and cold weather; join the club.  It is R-O-U-G-H out there and the devil is licking his chops waiting for the opportunity to slip doubt and skepticism into your beautiful, rebel brain.  It is no secret that the darkest kingpin parties hardy every time a Remnant Soldier questions the Lord’s Faithfulness.

Crucial point:  You are an irreplaceable member of the RESISTANCE.  Therefore, expect continuous and increasing oppression from the enemy.  You are an outsider in this secular morass.  Like the proverbial gem in the 5 and dime store, your presence is notable and undeniable.  Standing front and center for Jesus, you stick out like a sore thumb on a hand that insists it does not need you.

But we do need you…

You are one who can rightly see and hear by the fortifying power of Christ.  That makes you a divine tuning fork for The Kingdom.  Those gifts of the Holy Spirit, you have tucked up your sleeve, are tailored for this very moment in history.  Because you are here among us, this age of encroaching darkness is down a notch.  You matter and then some.  The testimony of your prayers, fasting, and worship heralds God’s Ultimate Triumph and Victory over evil.  One day soon we will stand united together in His Divine Company.

These are my words for you this day.  Take comfort in knowing that you are of singular nature and destiny.

You are different.

You matter.

Don’t stop.

Your Comrade in Christ,


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  1. Larry Ebaugh says:

    Hi Cindy,

    I noticed a tweet from you yesterday that you weren’t feeling well. Actually, that you were “as sick as a dog”. I don’t know how sick dogs get, but apparently pretty sick from the sounds of things. Anyway, I hope you’re doing better today.

    About todays post. In 2005 I was diagnosed with having bipolar disorder. It wasn’t based on any tests, but only symptoms. I’m not sure I agree with this diagnosis, but I do take lithium that was initially court ordered after a manic episode. (the court order was lifted 3 years ago)

    Actually I like taking it now. Not because I believe I have bipolar disorder, but there’s another positive effect having to do with brain function. It helps eliminate what I call pressure speech. My brain working too fast for my mouth to express all the thoughts. The thoughts back up and it and it feels as though there’s a pressure to get them out. But I can’t talk fast enough to do this, and sometimes my words slur.

    While I freely admit to occasionally being on a high, I contend that there are other reasons for being on a high other than having bipolar disorder. One is believing something that is in you that no one else can relate to. If you believe it’s real down to your core, who is anyone else to tell you it’s simply a delusion?

    This brings me to your article. It seems to me that if someone takes at face value what you say in this article, could this not be the basis of one so inclined to form a delusion? Could they not think that you’re talking personally to them, and all of a sudden they’re having delusions of grandeur?

    I know you’re simply trying to encourage people, but people like me have to be careful and not take certain things at face value; possibly most writers don’t intend for you to take their writings so literally anyway.

    For example, Jesus once said, “If your hand sins against you, cut it off”. So let’s say I stole something, and I was so racked with guilt and remembering Jesus’ words that I took a chain saw and cut off my hand.

    Why, they’d put me in a loony bin. Do you agree with this assessment? And my defense would be that I was only following Jesus’ commands.

    Obviously Jesus didn’t mean for us to take his words so literally. At least I hope you agree with me on this point.

    So I guess my point of writing is that it’s obviously good to encourage the believer, but maybe we might want to consider that at least one person in your reading audience might take what you say literally, and soon that person is running around claiming to be the Son of God, back down to earth by divine appointment.

    That’s all. Again, I hope you’re feeling better. Notwithstanding my not so encouraging comments, I like what you do and I applaud you for it. I think you help many people, and I can certainly tell you have a real heart for God.

    ~ Larry (@lebaugh)

    • Hello Larry and thank you for posting your concerns. Please know that I write as a Child of God. You are correct that I am trying to form a gentle connection with the reader but only in the way that other writers aspire. If my posts agitate you in any way, I am the first one to suggest you not read them. They are my heartfelt longings to speak to Christians who are looking for some support and Christian love. The blogoshere is admittedly a very public forum and I realize my writing style is not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. May your days be blessed and I appreciate you reaching out.

      • Your article really touched me, sister! This blog is a HUGE blessing and encouragement, and I will be putting a link to it on my website as soon as I can. May God continue to guide you in this great work of Christian charity. You are in my prayers.

        • Thank you Christina~ Your website is such a beautiful space to get recharged. I am grateful for the work you do for the Kingdom of God. Big smile coming your way!

  2. Reblogged this on THE NAKED TRUTH 2 and commented:
    ‘You are a divine tuning fork,’ says the writer in this post regarding warfare and the sure victory. Perfect. This blog site is relatively new, but will have an ascent of appreciation by any body with a heart receptive to the sweet things of God. Cindy has a rare gift of writing in a terse, colorful, honest, and inspiring way, where she gets right to the center of the target. I can without reservation commend her site, and am sure you too will find an island of solace as
    a comrade.

    • Thank you for these kind and supportive words. Such a gift to me on this chilly, grey morning. I am humbled by them especially as they come from a person who is an amazing writer. May we all toil in the blogfield for Our Great Creator, God. You are blessing to me and so many others.

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