Confessions of A Dog Owner

dog photoThere are moments when you want to just scream.  When so much is going on around you that it becomes surreal and you feel you landed a bit part in a Fellini movie.  It matters not the type of chaos that suddenly erupts whether it be a massive snow storm, sudden illness, or erratic human behavior at the office.  The end product is the same.  You feel confused, vulnerable and more than a little lost.

My spiritual advisor calls it ‘swirling’.  Yep.  Last week was swirling all right.  Ironically, the only one in my life who is seemingly unaffected is my dog, Biscuit.  He seems to handle the current times with great aplomb, impervious to the turbulence that surrounds him.  In fact, Wee Biscuit (as he is known to those in his inner circle), is the epitome of normalcy and calm.

Let’s talk shop for a minute shall we?

We are in the Time of Testing.  A resounding cry is welling up among the Christian corridors and it has the same hue throughout. Whether we follow contemporary Christian prophecy, point to scriptural warnings, or have inner discernment; the Body of Christ is acutely aware we reside in chaotic waters.

Even the New Age barista who works at the local Starbucks is scrambling to account for a world off kilter.  He recently told me, as he kindly handed over my cup of joe, that we are in the ‘age of Aquarius’.  I had to smile at his sincerity but without a Christian backdrop, he like so many, is lost at sea.

And then there is us.  The Christian Remnant.  How well are we handling the nearly constant battering of our sails?

Let me start by exposing last week’s internal dialog:

Ugh.   Help.   Are you serious?   Get a grip.   Just a minor set back.   Chin up!    Ah, this ain’t good.   Hmm.  What in tarnation is going on?   Help.   Could I opt for another generation?   Jesus, help.    No really…help.

So now you know that my mental chamber is far from being that of a Rhodes Scholar.   Yet my recent cognitive thrashing is not too far off from what I suspect other Christians are experiencing.  Yes, the climate is changing.  Yes, the global economy is spiraling downward.  Yes, moral decay abounds.  None of this is too surprising for those of us who closely follow Jesus and His Word.

Yet something much more insidious is at play when the Remnant’s mental and emotional realm comes under attack.  The confusion in the self is very real and must be exposed for what it is.  There is a reason that the faces around you are melding into a collage of bewilderment and confusion.

Satan has significantly ramped up his attack on our psychology.

This is not a reference to a tragic descent into mental illness.  I am speaking of one of the enemy’s primary strategies to oppress the Army of God.  Our foe is cunning and has deployed evil forces to hinder the minds of those who work for the Holy Kingdom.  He will use whatever means within his gnarly grasp to coerce us into a state of spiritual immobilization.  A Christian Soldier, who becomes baffled and befuddled, is easy to topple over.

This is serious business.  As a Christian, you must be extremely vigilant over your thoughts and feelings.   Prayer, fasting, and immersion in The Word will offer you the grace of Divine Protection.  It matters not how solid you think you are in Jesus, the devil is presently engaged in an all-out assault of mankind.  Especially the Remnant.  This is not the time to rest on one’s laurels.   You must not let down your guard of prayer.  Ever.

Jesus is good.  He knows when we have lost our grip and has a gentle way of stitching up our tattered seams.  However, the Lord has given us spiritual tools to fight the evil one and we must ardently employ them in this Final Hour.

You are a Soldier for the Most High.  I beseech you to move into your spiritual practice with renewed fervor and do not deter.  This is a tall order but you were created for this very moment; there are no mistakes in God’s Creation.

As always, I am astounded by your courage, faith, and love.

Your Comrade in Christ,

Cindy (and Wee Biscuit)


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  1. First of all, which dog is wee Biscuit (a perfect Scottish name) the dog at the top or the one at the bottom? One is cute but I shall hold my thoughts until you reveal which is yours. Yes indeed sister, the forces of chaos are on the march. Study history and see the assault comes in what is known as gradualism. Before Jewish people were every murdered they were severely maligned for at least a decade or more. In Rwanda we saw the denegration of one group against another over a long period of time before the slaughter. Now we see more and more open hostility to anyone who hold to God’s views whether in the realms of science or morals. Typically stage two is to peel away those who love the world more that than they love the truth. Satan already has the world, now he goes after those who believe they are morally minded, as societal pressure mounts, they soon find out they are not as morally minded as they thought they were and they either jump ship or shut up. Stage three is where the enemy goes after those who are bold enoough to call themselves after the name of Jesus. More pressure is applied, perhaps one could lose his job now or his friends or his place in the world in general and then we begin to see a rationalizing that lead them to join the world or shut up. Stage by stage Satan is silencing everyone until only the voices of those who cry in the wilderness are left and then his job is done, he has identified and isolated the remnant, and then the violence begins. What stage are we at? Well the early stages I would say still. The pressure will become intense before the end truly begins, the birth pangs nevertheless are underway. Let us enter into and know His rest.

    • Wee Biscuit is the white pup at the bottom of the post. 🙂 I am 50% Scottish (if not more) so I suspect that might be where the “wee” came from. I really enjoy your commentary and thank you for your very thorough writings for the Remnant. We definitely find our rest in Him Who Saves and Consoles. All my respect and warmth to you my brother.

  2. Don’t you just love the consistency of dogs. They really are man’s best friends.

    • Yes I do! Now…if I could just emulate my little pup all would be grand! 🙂

      • Sister Friend! Is that a bichon frise puppy? I have 2 of them, Max and Casey Joe…such sweeties.
        Love your words and encouragement, as always. You da bestest!
        Life truly has been nuts here….pipes burst this morning, still waiting for the plumber. But God is in charge, so all is well.
        Keep on, keepin’ on!
        Love & prayers,

        • Hi Dear Christina! Biscuit is a Coton de Tulear. A breed not recognized by the AKC. We don’t much care…we love him nonetheless. So sorry to hear about your pipes. Please stay warm and safe. Love and hugs always to you~

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