Tempest Mine

There comes a time when all is to be questioned.  A time when our plans and self composed strategies are cast off like hot coals to soft flesh.  There comes a time when we must abandon ourselves to Him by becoming truly inter-dependent.

The time is here.  It has arrived.  We are no longer lingering in wait but at the moment of departure.  Climb aboard now or be left behind.

My current struggles with abandonment to Christ are just that.  My own.  They really are not of any import or interest other than to me and my solitary walk.   I look around, as you do, and I see the very same  pattern of confusion and unconscious rebellion in my Christian brothers and sisters.  In unison we seem to stumbling about in a haphazard trance.   All the while asking of ourselves and Our God, “what am I to do?”.

What am I to do?

Stuck again in the ‘ I ‘.   The little ‘ i ‘ and all that she affords me.  Which is very, very  little by the way.

For this present whirlwind of mind and heart is pervasive and having it’s way with the Remnant.  It is called the Confusion a midst the Storm and it is another ruse of the devil.  If the Flock remains befuddled and scattered, we are hardly in right form to take on the Great Battle.  Let alone be harbingers of the New Era.

Remarkably, like all human maladies there is a spiritual solution.  This particular fever responds to the clarity of the Holy Spirit and at times a swift kick to the posterior.  For me it often comes through another struggling  comrade who unwittingly slaps me into right thinking.   With one or several words, I suddenly am restored to my saddle.  Galloping once again, with full vigor, towards my Lord and my God.

For this reason, and many others, we must stay glued to one another.  The oppressor has unleashed so much upon us that it is very difficult to make one’s way through the menacing fog.  We must grab the coat tails of the man in front of us while offering the same to the soldier behind.  Entwined together in this perilous storm, we have a chance of finding our way to He Who Awaits Us.

After all, He gave us one another for this hurricane of all hurricanes. 

We cannot succumb to going it alone.  It is a death wish to forge off in solitude as we once did.  I urge you to purge yourself of your old ideals of rugged independence and cling to the safety of the holy fraternity.  This is not a mild suggestion but an exhortation.

Do what is necessary now.  Identify your true Christian confidants and have daily contact as if your life depended on it.  Be eager to ask the tough questions and bow your head in silence when a fellow Christian offers sage advice.   Pray fervently with one another and allow sacred community to be whatever the Lords affords you this one day.

The time of sorrows is upon us and we must be One Under God.  Stand with me  little sparrow soul and know that my own smallness is made that much greater by your magnificent presence.


As the Comrade behind you, I remain in awe of your steadfastness,


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  1. Hi, I was sent this by another blogger, he said to tell you that ‘Jack’ sent me here 🙂 Wow am I glad he sent me! What you say here is so true, we all need to band together and yes know our true christian confidants. When I first became a christian I did not think I needed to go to church to be a Christian, but a friend told me I needed to surround myself with other Christians, then I didn’t get it but I truly get it now. Great post!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and so happy you stopped by to say “hello”. May you be blessed in all your good works and sending you love from a fellow “sister”. Cindy

  2. A timely essay that is hard to ignore, for the arrow of conviction and honesty seeks a willing heart, and a soft place to land. But who can stir like this unless first ‘refined by the tempest?’

    Well done -Refuge- Your sense of earnestness and sobriety of soul has soaked through the pages. Holding on ahead, and lending support behind is a wonderful image that challenges lukewarmness, and is far better than any ice bucket…………..

    And like the coals in a fire, the lone one is destined for little heat and a faint glow. Thank you for such a stirring reminder and call to press on. Little sparrow soul? An insightful truth.

  3. Reblogged this on Deaconjohn1987's Blog and commented:
    Some good advice for many of us who are struggling through these perilous times; and also why I recommend we join a Marian prayer group ASAP. We need grace to survive the onslaught and Mother Mary will obtain it for us! God bless+

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