Though it may rain outside,

I radiate the Son from my heart ~

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  1. Reblogged this on Deaconjohn1987's Blog and commented:
    On the Easter Vigil, as deacon, I carry the Pascal Candle while proclaiming: “CHRIST, OUR LIGHT!”

  2. C:

    I can read your excellent text as a question to myself……………………..

    Tho it rain………
    ‘DO YOU radiate…………? now I’m in trouble.

    Your pics are always good, words are challenging, and God is glorified.

    • …thank you Jack…you do indeed radiate.

      • A man who understood the preseverance of GOD, was having a debate with a friend who insisted on the perseverance of MAN, and he said, ‘what if you as a redeemed sinner turn your back on God?’ thinking he had his opponent knocked out, he heard this reply in a matter of fact tone: ‘Well dear friend, then the light of God will shine on my back.’

        Knowing this truth that God is faithful because we are not, is humbling, and should push us to ‘let this light so shine,’ as you suggest.

        Thank God for grace. Cindy-

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