Colors of My Blood

Look in the mirror. Who do you see?

Wrinkled or smooth.      Coffee or Milky.       Angular or Round.

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It matters not for we come from the One Source.  There is no real distinction among us besides that deemed fit by the Creator.  Those singular differences have spiritual merit and exist for His Glory alone.

Story time…

There is a remarkable food market in Columbia, Maryland.  It is nondescript save for one exception.  The grocery clerk at Aisle 7.  You don’t have to look for the number above her register.  You’ll know it by the line of people jockeying to get there.  All of them are in search of the same gift.  A moment with her.

Upon first glance you might be surprised.  She has a penchant for jewelry and wears numerous large crosses around her neck.  With luminous eyes and a full mouth, it’s difficult to guess her age.  Long black braids are pulled into an unwieldy pony tail, like liquid tar, tumbling down her back.  A steady alto voice accompanies a laser gaze.  Her smile is decidedly intoxicating.

I have experienced this great joy.  The first time I bumbled up to her with my milk, crackers, and almonds, she seized me in toto.  This delightful soul glows on you in such a manner that you wish she lived next door.  The typical hurried exodus you make out to your car will morph into an embarrassing lingering.  For in those few minutes of human transaction with this woman, you will be forever changed.

So what is so special about the clerk at Aisle 7 ?

She is the real deal.

She knows about the holy blood and lives by this knowing.  Somehow this creature  has not allowed the world to wrangle this precious truth from her grasp.  In her reality, there is no difference among humans.  She sees us all through the same lens; the spectrum of blood family.  Gifted with true vision, every shopper is her cherished kin.  And you feel it in all ways unspoken.

The New Era mandates we live by and for the Holy Blood.  This shared essence, commanded by God, binds us to one another.  And to Him.  Upon the Lord’s return there is no room for division in the One Body.  All lines of difference, not of Him, must be erased.

Know this:  The Holy Blood incites the enemies’ hatred.  

The snake seeks to keep God’s children divided and weak.  He revels at our warring and hatred for one another.  He fathered fear and indifference in our hearts.   The adversaries’  antics are mounting into a deafening crescendo in an attempt to impede and nullify the Remnant.

Yet he is a gnat.

In this hour, like never before, it is crucial to pledge our allegiance to the King and reclaim one another as family.  Our destiny is etched; we must go to all lengths to protect God’s Own.  This means casting off worldly teachings about who and when to love.  We must change now.  Loving without reason.   When it hurts and when it does not.  Going beyond capacity and stretching far past the imaginable.

Today, not tomorrow, we must share all that we have been given.  Our food, our time, our money, our compassion.  Ourselves from the inside-out.

We are being watched oh so carefully by The Creator in these moments.  

Dear Remnant Soldier~   Gift Jesus today.  Bring Him your offering of  Holy Love.  Lift up your prayer of unbridled compassion.  Show Him the true substance of your heart.


Standing with you mi carnal,


The Three Crows of Idleness

Crows from Flickr via Wylio

A faith that does not result in activity of any kind is a dead faith; it is empty, worthless, insincere.

~ Derek Prince


Hear the Voice of God ; Speak the Language of Love

The Polishing

Charli is my friend.

She is cut from a bolt of cloth suitable only for those who echo John the Baptist.  Very few mess with this particular comrade.  Maybe it is her Cherokee roots ensuring a dignity and unapologetic presence.  Maybe it is just because she handles a rifle better than most Texas rangers.  Or better yet, maybe it is because Charli won’t negotiate the teachings of The Master.

Some months ago, Charlie fell into a day of uncharacteristic despair.  It started with the neighbor casually sharing that the local sheriff was seen knocking on her front door.  Not one to wait for the unknown, Charli decided to stop at the police station that evening on the way home from her new job.

With typical good humor and dressed business proper, she was stunned when the front desk officer promptly arrested her for check fraud.  Rendered her rights, her mind fixated on the absurdity of such a charge.  The surreal quickly became legitimate as the jail door locked behind her.

Charli’s mind began to race.  Spending a couple of days in the slammer was not the issue. In one of her many chapters, she had worked as a prison guard. Three hots and a cot were familiar territory.  Bail was posted at a reasonable amount but having been downsized and unemployed for over a year, all savings were depleted. It was Cara, her special needs daughter, who consumed her thoughts.  She was home alone patiently awaiting their Friday night ritual of pizza and Coke.  There was no husband to call.  No reliable friend to entrust.  It was then that the cell walls suddenly knitted together.  Gulping for air, Charli pressed against the cinder block wall and unleashed on the Lord:

                How could You allow this to happen to me?  

                Don’t you realize that Cara is incapable of being home alone at night?  

                Haven’t I been faithful to you?

No response.

Depleted, she slumped down on the hard floor.

Then slowly, like an August cloud, the story of Job came into view.  Now there was a guy who had serious bad luck she thought.  His line up of trials and tribulations included losing his home and his children, not to mention unsightly boils all over his face.  Smiling reluctantly, she had to admit that unexpected hardship was becoming strangely familiar.

After a few deep breaths, Charli regained composure.  This is just preparation for what lies ahead, she mused.  I better get good and ready to handle whatever comes down the pike.  We are in the Final Hour after all.  Lost in thought, she startled as the guard offered her one phone call.   Within an hour, a friend managed to wrangle Charli’s freedom and she got home to Cara in time for supper.

It only took a week to uncover the unbelievable events that landed Charli behind bars.  No one could have imagined such a diabolical entanglement.

No one except the devil himself.

Are we in unusual times?


The glut of current tribulation was foretold long ago.  The Lord’s Hand is upon us in an unprecedented manner as the dark one moves into checkmate.  Like rough stones in a tumbler, Christian souls are being transfigured by each revolution of the barrel.  Our imperfections and impurities are being smoothed away with every trial.  Through His Grace, we are given challenges specific to our soul-need.  All this must come to pass so that we may move in closer proximity to Our Lord before His Return.

This knowing is our great comfort when adversity rains down upon us.  Though disbelief, shame, and despondency may find their way into our being, we cannot languish there.  Like Charli, we must swiftly place ourselves back into right mind and soft heart.

Beloved Comrades:  Stand up and take note.

Stand firm against the prevailing winds and rest assured that you will only be more magnificent for the harsh times that come upon you.

Your Sister in Christ,


Confessions of A Dog Owner

dog photoThere are moments when you want to just scream.  When so much is going on around you that it becomes surreal and you feel you landed a bit part in a Fellini movie.  It matters not the type of chaos that suddenly erupts whether it be a massive snow storm, sudden illness, or erratic human behavior at the office.  The end product is the same.  You feel confused, vulnerable and more than a little lost.

My spiritual advisor calls it ‘swirling’.  Yep.  Last week was swirling all right.  Ironically, the only one in my life who is seemingly unaffected is my dog, Biscuit.  He seems to handle the current times with great aplomb, impervious to the turbulence that surrounds him.  In fact, Wee Biscuit (as he is known to those in his inner circle), is the epitome of normalcy and calm.

Let’s talk shop for a minute shall we?

We are in the Time of Testing.  A resounding cry is welling up among the Christian corridors and it has the same hue throughout. Whether we follow contemporary Christian prophecy, point to scriptural warnings, or have inner discernment; the Body of Christ is acutely aware we reside in chaotic waters.

Even the New Age barista who works at the local Starbucks is scrambling to account for a world off kilter.  He recently told me, as he kindly handed over my cup of joe, that we are in the ‘age of Aquarius’.  I had to smile at his sincerity but without a Christian backdrop, he like so many, is lost at sea.

And then there is us.  The Christian Remnant.  How well are we handling the nearly constant battering of our sails?

Let me start by exposing last week’s internal dialog:

Ugh.   Help.   Are you serious?   Get a grip.   Just a minor set back.   Chin up!    Ah, this ain’t good.   Hmm.  What in tarnation is going on?   Help.   Could I opt for another generation?   Jesus, help.    No really…help.

So now you know that my mental chamber is far from being that of a Rhodes Scholar.   Yet my recent cognitive thrashing is not too far off from what I suspect other Christians are experiencing.  Yes, the climate is changing.  Yes, the global economy is spiraling downward.  Yes, moral decay abounds.  None of this is too surprising for those of us who closely follow Jesus and His Word.

Yet something much more insidious is at play when the Remnant’s mental and emotional realm comes under attack.  The confusion in the self is very real and must be exposed for what it is.  There is a reason that the faces around you are melding into a collage of bewilderment and confusion.

Satan has significantly ramped up his attack on our psychology.

This is not a reference to a tragic descent into mental illness.  I am speaking of one of the enemy’s primary strategies to oppress the Army of God.  Our foe is cunning and has deployed evil forces to hinder the minds of those who work for the Holy Kingdom.  He will use whatever means within his gnarly grasp to coerce us into a state of spiritual immobilization.  A Christian Soldier, who becomes baffled and befuddled, is easy to topple over.

This is serious business.  As a Christian, you must be extremely vigilant over your thoughts and feelings.   Prayer, fasting, and immersion in The Word will offer you the grace of Divine Protection.  It matters not how solid you think you are in Jesus, the devil is presently engaged in an all-out assault of mankind.  Especially the Remnant.  This is not the time to rest on one’s laurels.   You must not let down your guard of prayer.  Ever.

Jesus is good.  He knows when we have lost our grip and has a gentle way of stitching up our tattered seams.  However, the Lord has given us spiritual tools to fight the evil one and we must ardently employ them in this Final Hour.

You are a Soldier for the Most High.  I beseech you to move into your spiritual practice with renewed fervor and do not deter.  This is a tall order but you were created for this very moment; there are no mistakes in God’s Creation.

As always, I am astounded by your courage, faith, and love.

Your Comrade in Christ,

Cindy (and Wee Biscuit)


I Thirst

jesus painting photo: i thirst ithirst-1.jpg

If thou art willing to suffer no adversity,

how wilt thou be the friend of Christ?

                                   Thomas à Kempis

Aristotle knew…

''Soul of a Forest'' photo (c) 2007, Chad Miller - license:

”  The soul never thinks without a picture.  “

Kaleidoscope Eyes

It people dont see true.  You are a die-hard Christian and there are times you feel as if you’ve been beamed down on some alien planet.  The problem is that it’s inhabitants are none to happy with your arrival.  Persona non grata that you are; you look for others of your kind.  They exist but are far and few.  You comfort yourself in the knowledge that Jesus has your back.

Or does He?

Oh Oh.

Has that thought ever entered your mind?   If you have been hammered lately by financial hardships, societal decay, and cold weather; join the club.  It is R-O-U-G-H out there and the devil is licking his chops waiting for the opportunity to slip doubt and skepticism into your beautiful, rebel brain.  It is no secret that the darkest kingpin parties hardy every time a Remnant Soldier questions the Lord’s Faithfulness.

Crucial point:  You are an irreplaceable member of the RESISTANCE.  Therefore, expect continuous and increasing oppression from the enemy.  You are an outsider in this secular morass.  Like the proverbial gem in the 5 and dime store, your presence is notable and undeniable.  Standing front and center for Jesus, you stick out like a sore thumb on a hand that insists it does not need you.

But we do need you…

You are one who can rightly see and hear by the fortifying power of Christ.  That makes you a divine tuning fork for The Kingdom.  Those gifts of the Holy Spirit, you have tucked up your sleeve, are tailored for this very moment in history.  Because you are here among us, this age of encroaching darkness is down a notch.  You matter and then some.  The testimony of your prayers, fasting, and worship heralds God’s Ultimate Triumph and Victory over evil.  One day soon we will stand united together in His Divine Company.

These are my words for you this day.  Take comfort in knowing that you are of singular nature and destiny.

You are different.

You matter.

Don’t stop.

Your Comrade in Christ,


Rockin the Body

'Awesome Jesus Bus, Front Shot' photo (c) 2011, Joe Wolf - license: days I just wanna go ‘Partridge Family’ and get me a Jesus Bus and tear up Route 1.  I’d talk to anyone and everyone.  I’d yap up Jesus so hard that my jaw muscles would lock up in a permanent charlie horse.

Are you hearing me Brothers and Sisters !?

Despite my attempts to get my most ardent, Jesus-lovin buddies to weigh in on my pipe dream, they remain unmoved.  No biggie.  Like Noah, I’d scurry about, filling up the seats with every type of Christian.  2 by 2.  This heaven-bound heap of metal would tote every ecumenical flavor.  We’d be one big happy family going gospel for the Kingdom.

< silent pause >

You say we might dissolve into endless bickering over doctrinal differences?

You know where I am going with this.  It is about being One in Christ.  You love Him.  I love Him.  He loves Us.  That makes us brothers and sisters under One God.   So why is it so difficult for us to all get along?

There is something afoot with the fragmentation of the Divine Body.  It has the markings of Slewfoot and I don’t like it one iota.  The devil has a serious upper hand when the Christian Army is disenfranchised.  This jockeying for supremacy hails all the way back to the road at Capernaum (Luke 9:46, Mark 9:33).  Jesus attempted to quell that little brush fire with scant success.  The in-fighting continued prompting Paul to later appeal for Christian unity in his First Letter to the Corinthians.

Fast forward 2000 years and such appeals still persist.  Pope Francis apparently rang in on this topic just the other day.

…our communities continue to experience divisions, which are a scandal.  There is no other word for it: the divisions between Christians are a scandal…because they used Christ’s name to separate themselves from others within the Christian community.  But the name of Christ creates communion and unity, not division!  Baptism and the Cross are central elements in our common Christian discipleship.  Divisions, on the other hand, weaken the credibility and effectiveness of our commitment to evangelization…                                 Pope Francis – General Audience – 22 January 2014

Prayer Week for Christian Unity just flew by in a whisper.  Ashamedly, I confess having just learned of this initiative that is well over a hundred years old.  In accordance with Christ’s will “that they may all be one”, it serves as an ecumenical prayer-fest for the unity of all baptized persons.  What a beautiful way to storm heaven with a universal song.

Let’s face it, beautiful Remnant Family, we have to roll up our sleeves and get to work.  The surrounding territory is increasingly hostile.  American Christians, like many of our international comrades, may one day face overt persecution.  In a sweep of the hand, cloaked communion will become the order of the day and the colors of the Christian rainbow will commingle out of necessity.

Collectively we comprise the Body of Christ and have been given one another for this time of trials.

Just as geese trailing south overhead in the sky, the Faithful seeks a fixed form.  It seems that Jesus may be holding His Divine Breath; only to exhale once His Remnant Body is finally realized.

May this day come soon.

Until then, I remain.

Your Comrade in Christ,


The Uncommon Blizzard

'Fresh Snow Fall' photo (c) 2011, USFS Region 5 - license:

Yesterday the snow came.  Unrelenting and magical, I stood at the window marveling at the contradictions of this white onslaught.  Refusing to abandon an appointment with my spiritual advisor, I tackled the storm singlehandedly. Praying out loud and in real time, my little car swished to and fro on the icy roads. There I was…a collision of determination and stupidity. My three travel companions; fear, vulnerability, and awe, squirmed in the back seat tugging at my pony tail.  Not surprisingly, they all took a turn at me.

This morning, our little neighborhood awoke to a blanket of quiet.  A silencing of the world’s needless scurrying.  The blizzard has left it’s mark upon us much like a visitation from the Holy Spirit.

True confessions. 

I have a secret crush on the Holy Spirit.  He is bold and mysterious and comes only when He is good and ready.  Like a schoolgirl, I think of Him all the time and wonder if He notices me.  Taking many forms, I struggle to define His movements and whereabouts but He is His Own Person.  When He descends, He may flutter in on ivory wings or bellow from above as rampant fire.  Art begs to bring Him into focus but He is bigger than that.  Far beyond the human hand.

As the Faithful we know to pray often and with full heart.  We cry out to Jesus and His Holy Kingdom and we must.  Therein, lies our strength to remain active soldiers for the Good.  A year ago, my prayer life took on another dimension when I began to recite the Golden Sequence.  Sometimes in total and other times…just parts.  No matter. The effect has been palpable.

  Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and kindle in them the fire of your love.

        Send forth your Spirit, and they shall be created…and you shall renew the face of the earth.

Let that seep into your bones my friend.  Say it out loud and feel the power of God fill your being.  You might think this too rote or archaic a prayer but I promise that it will fortify your Remnant Heart.

As a Christian, you have been up close and personal with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  You know He never visits empty-handed.  Some of us have experienced His Descent while worshiping in community and others of us have had very private meetings.  It’s All Good.

Never falter little soldier with the big heart.  I love you so much…and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit loves you beyond comprehension.  Call out to the Holy Spirit often and with great anticipation.

He will come to you.


Don’t be shy Remnant Soldier.  Tell us about your experience with the Holy Spirit.  ♥

Your Comrade in Christ,


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