Excruciating Vulnerability

…for you Father…

so loved  the world

that you gave Him unto us

and He came and chose The Path of Great Sacrifice.


With insatiable thirst…

                               I desire you.

Elizabeth Kindelmann from Flame of Love

I Thirst

jesus painting photo: i thirst ithirst-1.jpg

If thou art willing to suffer no adversity,

how wilt thou be the friend of Christ?

                                   Thomas à Kempis

Can you hear Him from the Cross?

'' photo (c) 2011, Daniel Oines - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/You are a Remnant Soldier.  You gave your life to Christ and you live within that reality.  Yet life has a funny way of getting us off track.  The kids need to get new braces, the boss is on our back, we are low on milk, and we have to get the oil changed in the truck.  Such is the background noise of a busy life.

But there is more.  You know it and I know it.  It wells up in our hearts despite our hectic schedules and crazy to-do lists. It is the Voice of Christ pleading for us to go out and fight for Him and His Holy Word.  He is being crucified and vilified at every turn.  All you have to do is read Yahoo news or turn on the TV.  The evidence is in every direction and mounting.  It breaks your heart and makes you feel sick to your stomach.  Then life starts up again with its sundry demands and your focus goes elsewhere.

He is calling you.  YOU.  The closer you get to the foot of the Cross, the clearer His Voice.  Lately, it has not been a whisper but a desperate cry.  Am I alone in this?  I think not.  Jesus is begging us to do His Work in a world that is spiraling out of control.  I dare you to literally go outside and stare up at the heavens and ask Jesus what He needs.  Better yet, get on your knees, stretch out your arms, and let Him speak to your Remnant heart.

You are given the most important mission of all time.  Regardless of your circumstances, you are here on earth to FIGHT. 

Deep in your heart you know this is the truth.  It is not a coincidence that you were born into this generation.  You were created for this very moment in human history.  You are the hope of Christ in this crumbling world.  True business.  You and I are the Christian Army.  If we don’t fight, who will?

May we make way for His Return,


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