You Are Rare

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…as well as… Exquisite.  Incomparable.  Miraculous. Astonishing. Precious.

and above all…


You are an impeccable Light for Christ in a dimly lit world.  As a light for Christ you stand out like a sore thumb.  The enemy is none too happy with you and without prayer you are a sitting duck at a gun show.

If there is no one devoutly praying for you at this time, this has to change.

That is why I set up the prayer request page here at RemnantREFUGE.  Look up and you will see it is now on the Menu Bar.  This is the real deal.  No matter what your situation, myself and several other Christian souls will deeply pray and fast on your behalf.

I, for one, used to feel awkward asking folks to pray for me.  It felt self-indulgent and a tad narcissistic but not anymore.  The Lord worked that kink out of my armor and I garner prayers wherever I can get them.   As Christians, we know all about the power of prayer.  Pray, pray, pray and when in doubt, pray some more!

So add us to your list along with the folks at Church who pray for you and your sweet mama who has been praying for your soul since the day you were born.  We only ask for your first name and you can use a pseudonym if that is more comfortable.   You will also be notified by email, if you like, of the day and time that prayer and fasting was offered up for you and your needs.

You are that important.

There is nothing left to say.

Your Comrade in Christ,


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