My First Letter to You

'Mailbox, Old' photo (c) 2010, Ann Larie Valentine - license: Christian Soldier,

Every blog deserves some form of introduction. I guess from the header you have gathered that this is a blog for Christians looking for a little warm and fuzzy. You are correct. This is a refuge for you during the trials that you sense are now at your doorstep.  TLC is tough to find especially nowadays. We live smack dab in the middle of electronic mayhem. Folks make more eye contact with their gadgets than with each other.  The news bombards us with a steady stream of information that is unsettling if not downright frightening. Whether we are fretting over the global economy or wondering if we’ll still be employed next month, the stress is on. Let’s face it. A strange coldness has swept over the land.

Things are getting strange out there.

So here is my message. You matter. You matter so, so, so much.  I can’t see you but I know you. You work your behind off striving to be a good person, to do what God asks of you and some days you don’t know if you can keep going. You doubt yourself at moments and then you get up the next morning and you jump back into the soup. You may or may not go to church but you still ache for a deeper Christian community.  The enemy seems to trip you up, especially lately, and you fear he is gaining ground.  You read your Bible. You pray. You strain to hear the Lord’s voice in your soul.  When the room finally empties out, you are left with your love for Jesus and that strange heaviness in your chest.  You know what that is? You ache for His Return. So do I. That makes us comrades. We are the Remnant.

So here it is.  Remnant REFUGE.  If this blog is the Lord’s Will then I promise to do my part.  Know that I am praying for you daily.  Cross my heart~

Your Comrade In Christ,

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